Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mystery structures on Wellington

These lovely snow fence frames have adorned Wellington between Holland and Western since the side walks were redone last year.

Anyone know what they are?

Here are a couple of guesses:
  • The concrete blocks will be the foundation for pieces of public art;
  • The orange contraptions themselves are the art!


  1. Talk about going to the dogs...
    "Marcus Kucey Jones and Ryan Lotecki will construct 18 marble sculptures based on the form of a fire hydrant."
    - from the City of Ottawa Wellington Street West Reconstruction Project

  2. OH NO, I had forgotten about the fire hyrdants! I'm very skeptical...

    Thanks Gilseg!

  3. you should be skeptical. I gotta say, the Fire Hydrants were not my first choice for West Wellington's public art.